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Re: FC4 Torrent Slow? Or, is it just me?

> I was getting the same speeds you are experiencing until I changed
> from Bittorrent to Azureus and checked the Azureus FAQ regarding the
> yellow status icon. Found that I need to change the UPnP setting on my
> router. If you are using a router with NAT enabled make sure that UPnP
> is enabled.  Instead of 6-20 kB/sec I am now observing 200-220 kB/sec.

What is this UPnP thing?
Is this something on a 'real' (hardware) router, or is it something I
could set on a firewall/router running iptables???

Im seeing a variation on the problems that everyone else reports.
I have a Comcast Cable Modem, and started out at walking up to about 30kb/sec,
then it continued up to 300kb/sec.  Thats what they rate the connection at,-
300kb/sec = 3mbit/sec.

But when I checked on it an hour later, it was back down to 30kb/sec, and
at the moment its sitting at 15.

I strongly suspect that Comcast is limiting my daytime rate, and after letting
me have 300kb/sec for a few minutes put on the brakes...

The good news is that in the past the speed has gone back up in the evening,
so I will probably be able to finish tonight...

                                        reg dwf com

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