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Re: VOIP with a linksys PAP2

At 8:53 PM -0400 6/13/05, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:

>Furthermore, you need to keep your network interfaces straight.  In your
>original email, you mentioned that your internet interface was through
>eth0.  Above you say you've used eth1 to connect to the internet.  You
>can't start waffling the device names when you start presenting actual
>command output if you want to get the correct advice from the people
>helping you out!  Please!

No, what he said was clear to me.  He knows both interfaces work because
he's tried each of them in turn.  Of course, when he did that, each one was
automatically configured by DHCP in his router, and the other one would
have been unconfigured.

For his setup to work, he needs to either run a DHCP server on the
downstream i/f (usually his eth1) or set up that i/f with a static IP (or
probably both so his 'phone thing gets an address).

Or he could put the hub between his upstream i/f and the router, and put
the 'phone on the hub, but he doesn't want to do that.
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