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Re: FC3 x86_64 problems

On 6/12/05, leeward msa attmil ne jp <leeward msa attmil ne jp> wrote:
> >Problems with X are due to video drivers or configuration. So there
> >is no need to revert to the 32-bit version or back to FC2. In fact,
> >you probably ought to wait a couple of days here and get FC4. That
> >will keep you from having to download massive amounts of updates.
> >What video driver are you using? It is the nv driver if you have not
> >done anything to it. I suggest that you get the binary nVidia drivers
> >from their website and install them. I'm not sure if the nv driver
> >that shipped with FC3 supports the newer 6600 card or not.
> >Another thing to check out is sync frequencies. Are you using a CRT
> >or LCD monitor? Weird display patterns are most likely caused by
> >incorrect frequencies. You need to edit the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf
> >Boot to run-level 3 to avoid starting X or after booting to run-level
> >5 press Ctrl+Alt+F1, login as root, and type "init 3" to achieve the
> >same result. From there you can look at and edit the file. If you
> >need help with that, send the contents of that file to the list.
> >
> >Jonathan
> Well, the thing was I had the i386 version on here and it worked fine
> with the video card. Then again, it had the driver already on here from
> a previous GeForce card. I can't install the binaries yet or drop down

That could be it as you were using the nVidia binary drivers.  That
would be a difference.

> to a console. The install wasn't completed. It's trying to get me to
> the post-install config. When I drop down to the 1st console, all it
> shows me is some of the services it's started and that's it. I can't
> do anything more there except ctrl-alt-del. Something I meant to ask in
> the first e-mail (and forgot) was, how do you get init 3 started with
> grub (and since it's in the post-install phase, will it work?)?
> Hmm....Maybe I'll just download FC4-test and see what happens.
> Lee

Why not just download the FC4 release that came out today? : ).

Oh, and to boot to run level 3 from grub do this:
Press a key to display the menu (get out of the hidden menu stuff)
Press 'a' (that actual 'a' key ;)) on the Fedora boot line
Type " 3" (space, 3) and hit enter
By the way, these instructions have to be in the archive numerous
times already :).

I don't know how it being the "first boot" affects things.  Some other
cards didn't play nice with drivers that shipped with FC3 (Intel i810
comes to mind) and the fix was to update the drivers, so I assume it


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