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BitTorrent issues with FC4 isos

Hi all,

Am trying to download FC4 via BitTorrent but I continue to experience the same problems I've had with every torrent download I've tried - the speed is around 6 kb/s for every torrent I've ever downloaded.  I've enabled UpnP, asked my router to port forward port 6881 (or whatever port I happen to be using), and told my software firewall to allow Azerus to run as both a server and a client.  After trying all of these, my BT downloads continue to poke along at 6 kb/s or so, - when I download files over HTTP or FTP, I get around 200kb/s.  I had BT before and once it DID download at around 100kb/s, but I don't remember what settings I enabled to get that speed.

I'vve tried everything I can think of, and right now, BT in my opinion is just not very efficient at downloading ANYTHING. At my current speed it will take 8 DAYS to finish downloading the FC4 isos, and that isn't acceptable to me.  These slow speeds are the only reason I currently have a very big dislike of BT.


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