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Re: KDE blacklist of Fedora Core's gcc 4

Steven P. Ulrick wrote:

Hello, Everyone
First of all, a personal message to Arjan: I CC'd this to you because
of your involvement with a thread about this issue on the fedora-test
list.  If I am out of order in CC'ing you, I do apologize.

This issue was originally discussed on the fedora-test list, shortly before FC4 was released. Since FC4 has been released, and the problem persists, I assumed the fedora-user list would be the place to take this. If you all say so, I will restart this thread on any list you tell me to.

When attempting to compile KDE from SVN TRUNK on Fedora Core
4 (Fresh installation, not an upgrade. I waited for the official
release as well. In addition, I installed EVERY package) I get the
following error:

The code in KDE SVN seems to blacklist GCC 4 using a blanket version check. Since Fedora GCC version contains patches to fix this issue, you should try removing the version check from the code and compile KDE again


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