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smatd error messages: OfflineUncorrectableSector, CurrentPendingSector

I'm gettin mail to root on a new install of FC3. (Haven't had time to
update it yet.)

The messages come in pairs, especially after booting up in the morning.
The first is the offline uncorrectable, and the second is the current
pending, the number of sectors is five.

I've been digging around in the manpage for smartd and smartctl and I
don't really see much about what should be done. One comment in a
mailing list post suggests -U 0 and -C 0 in smartd.conf to silence the
complaints, but I have the idea that would just be looking to lose data.

I've done smartctl -a /dev/hda and had a look at what that tells me.

Are there tools available to help figure out which files the problem
sectors are in so I can check what should be there and maybe push a
write on the sectors to force remapping?

Joel Rees   <rees ddcom co jp>
digitcom, inc.   株式会社デジコム
Kobe, Japan   +81-78-672-8800
** <http://www.ddcom.co.jp> **

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