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Re: KDE blacklist of Fedora Core's gcc 4

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 15:24:12 +0530
Rahul Sundaram <sundaram redhat com> wrote:

> Hi
> >Hello, Rahul :)
> >I hate to bother you more than you can imagine, but can I assume that
> >the code that I need to remove is in the "configure" file that is in
> >the root of each KDE module?  If it is, then how can I get changes
> >that I make to stick, since running "unsermake -f Makefile.cvs" will
> >overwrite the "configure" script.
> >Of course, I may be wrong about where this version check is located.
> >Please feel free to correct me if necessary.  But I must also
> >confess, that I can't find exactly what I need to find.  I've tried
> >a few things, with no success.
> >  
> >
> Well I havent had the oppurtunity to try compiling a large beast like 
> KDE from SVN myself but the cvs commits list
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-commits&m=111451142117674&w=2 shows that
> the configuration file is "kde-common/admin/acinclude.m4.in". grep
> can be a handy tool here
> >I must interpret that to mean that as soon as they find out the
> >Fedora Core's gcc 4 is fixed, that they will remove the blacklist.
> >  
> >
> Try compiling it. If it does work successfully report specifically to 
> bugs.kde.org  that the Fedora version doesnt have this issue.
> Providing the following link is a good idea to help them pull out the
> necessary patches if its hasnt been pushed upstream yet
> http://cvs.fedora.redhat.com/
> regards
> Rahul

Hello, Rahul
Thanks again for your help.  I have looked a little further into this,
and at this moment in time, this whole thing looks to be well beyond my
abilities.  About all I have to offer that is of any use is the fact
that I love Fedora Core, and I love KDE, and I am willing to use my
system to do whatever someone who knows what they are doing says might
help fix this problem.  But I don't want anyone to feel the need to
babysit me on this.  If someone will volunteer to kind of be my guiding
hands, I will gladly implement whatever they tell me to do.
In closing, I apologize if I have wasted your time.  I really do hope
that KDE will do anything that they should be doing to fix this.

Steven P. Ulrick

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