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Re: KDE blacklist of Fedora Core's gcc 4


Well, gcc 4 was known to cause problems which is why it's not
supported by KDE. That's a simple fact, no "innocence" about it. If
you're an open source software developer with limited time the last
thing you want to do is spend hours debugging a bizarre bug only to
find out it's a compiler problem

I agree completely with this. This shouldnt be taken up as people playing the blaiming game. If GCC 4.0 release had critical errors compiling KDE and if the issues are with the compiler its pretty reasonable for KDE developers to blacklist this particular version. Fedora version of GCC and KDE too has patches which fix these issues in the packages provided with Fedora Core 4 and also in cvs.fedora.redhat.com. Fedora core 4 being the first adopter to rebuild all of its packages (afaik) of this new version of GCC has the necessary patches again several packages which is bound to get upstream sooner or later. In other words, just let it rest


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