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Re: smatd error messages: OfflineUncorrectableSector, CurrentPendingSector

Am Di, den 14.06.2005 schrieb Joel um 11:13:

> The messages come in pairs, especially after booting up in the morning.
> The first is the offline uncorrectable, and the second is the current
> pending, the number of sectors is five.
> I've been digging around in the manpage for smartd and smartctl and I
> don't really see much about what should be done. One comment in a
> mailing list post suggests -U 0 and -C 0 in smartd.conf to silence the
> complaints, but I have the idea that would just be looking to lose data.
> I've done smartctl -a /dev/hda and had a look at what that tells me.
> Are there tools available to help figure out which files the problem
> sectors are in so I can check what should be there and maybe push a
> write on the sectors to force remapping?

> Joel Rees   <rees ddcom co jp>



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