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About a second IDE drive, Fedora, Win and other OS


    First I introduce myself. I'm Albert from Chile, but my friends
call me Chama and that's the nickname I'm gonna use on this list.

    I have been in Linux for like two years. My first distro was
Mandrake, but because of security problems, I changed to Red Hat 9,
then I received a copy of SuSE 9.1 and changed again, but when I
needed to format an old PC for which SuSE was just too much, I tried
my old RH 9 and was better than good. Using yum It updated the
packages to the newer version of he programs and not mere security
patches, It added the new features too.

  So that's why I wanted to switch to Fedora and continue with the
'Red Hat line'.

  But I got a problem. I use a 40 gb IDE hard drive which is in very
bad shape. like a third of it is with windows 98 in fat32 and is juts
scratched, I can not use it in windows and I needed for things like
online games. The rest is with SuSE in reiserfs (3). So I got a new 80
gb IDE hard drive. So I want to do this: I want to install the 80 gb
disk as master, install win2k on a part of it, then Fedora Core 4,
then install the 40 gb disk as slave, transfer all my files and then
reformat the 40 gb completely in ext3 (I like reiser over ext3, but in
somewhere I read that ext3 is better for Fedora.

  My problems is: I have never make anything like this with 2 linux
disks, I know how to make it with windows, but not with linux. I
thought I could use a live cd and transfer the files in the live
environment. Is there any other way?

  By the way: I don't make my life of PCs, this is more like a hobby
and now I don't got so much time, just my spare time.


That's all folks.



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