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Re: FC3->FC4 upgrade hangs whilst installing kernel-smp package

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> writes:

    Paul> Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> I'm upgrading my test system from FC3 to FC4.  Because I don't
    >> have a working CD drive at the moment, I'm installer from disk,
    >> using a /boot/installer directory with the vmlinuz and initrd
    >> from disc1.iso placed there, and a GRUB entry pointing to it.

    Paul> Does the grub entry have "ramdisk_size=8192" on the "kernel"
    Paul> line?

I shouldn't think so - I just reused the entry for FC1->FC3 upgrade.

    >> the install hangs whilst installing the package:
    >> kernel-smp-2.6.1-1.etc.

    Paul> You might want to try removing the SMP kernel (and any old
    Paul> kernels) before doing the upgrade and then adding in the SMP
    Paul> kernel again post-installation.

I suspect I only have one kernel installed on that machine, but I'll
check it out.

Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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