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Re: Dialup

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Thomas W. Cranston wrote:

> Hi
> I am Linux newbie. I am A+ certified (I know-big deal)
> I just installed Fedora Core 3 2004-11-03. I used System Settings - 
> Network - Query - entered Password for root - Network Configuration - My 
> USR internal hardware Modem shows up as ppp0.
> Nothing happens when I activate it. Its volume is set at very loud.
> I can get out on the web using that machine, running Damm Small Linux 
> (DSL)form the CD player and RAM, so that tells me that there is not a 
> hardware problem.
> I do not see any way to select authentication methods from the Network 
> Configuration. (PAP, Chat, or CHAP) I do not see an option to configure 
> my modem to .......S4 (comm 5) Where USR Modems usually configure to. 
> This is where I place it when running DSL. I find it odd that a lot of 
> Linux distros automatically configure the modem to .....S0 (comm 1), as 
> most hardware modems are USR (at least in this part of the world), and 
> they configure to ....S4. How do I make these choices?
I don't use Network configuration or fancy tools but if you want to
try and solve your problem in a different way here are some things to
try. First you might want to try using minicom to see if you can
get your modem to dial. As I remember it gives you places to try
different values for your modem so you can test your options. This
is not the solution just a simple tool to figure out what values you need.

I use pppd to call the internet it requires several files to set up
put is really pretty simple. I do dial up with earthlink and have it
set to demad dial.
    You need to be root to play with the following files 
/etc/sysconfig/networkscipts/chat-ppp0 (will look like this replace # 
with phone you use to dial internet make it excuteable)
   'ABORT' 'Invalid Login'
   'ABORT' 'Login incorrect'
   ''      'ATZ'
   'OK'    'ATDT#######'

idle 3600
user your-usrname
remotename ppp0
/dev/ttyS0 115200
connect 'usr/sbin/chat -f /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/chat-ppp0'

(If you use S4 it would be /dev/ttyS4)
your-username   ppp0   password

Now if you type at the command prompt as root
pppd :your-isp-dns-address
it will start pppd and if you ping an internet address it should dial
and connect. I have the line starting pppd in rc.local so it starts
on boot, then my kids can get on the net using firefox by just turning
on the modem and clicking their home page. I am not sure if this is
what you are after but since you have been messing with it for a while
I figured I would suggest it as a possiblity. Good luck

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