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Re: FC3->FC4 upgrade hangs whilst installing kernel-smp package

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> writes:

    Paul> Does the grub entry have "ramdisk_size=8192" on the "kernel"
    Paul> line?
    >>  I shouldn't think so - I just reused the entry for FC1->FC3
    >> upgrade.

    Paul> The Fedora Core install CD boots the kernel with that option
    Paul> (the initrd for the installer contains just about all the
    Paul> possible modules, which makes it significantly bigger than a
    Paul> regular initrd), so it could be worth adding that option. I
    Paul> doubt that that's what causing your problem though.

You were right to doubt it - it made no difference.

Disk space doesn't appear to be a problem.

There WAS a slightly older version of the 2.6.9 smp kernel installed
(two versions in all - no UP kernel), and the FC4 smp kernel had been
written to disk.

I physically deleted (I can't boot my FC3 kernel fully at the moment -
it hangs somewhere in the system tasks startup phase, so I could do
any rpm -e commands) the FC4 kernel and the redundant FC3 kernel from

This time the install proceeds, not attempting to install the kernel
at all - so I think what must have been happening was it was trying to
upgrade the kernel twice (is that likely)?
So I suspect I shall end up without a 2.6.11 kernel
installed. Hopefully I can boot from the 2.6.9 kernel, and then
extract the rpm file for the FC4 kernel from the iso (which disc is it
on?) and manually upgrade.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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