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Re: VOIP with a linksys PAP2

On 6/14/05, Kevin J. Cummings <cummings kjchome homeip net> wrote:
> Did you power cycle the wl-330g before plugging the PAP2 into it?  And
> you realized that in order to plug the PAP2 directly into the wl-330g
> you'll need a crossover ethernet cable....
> When your wl-330g wireless access point gets power cycled, it should
> renegotiate everything with its wireless internet connection, hopefully
> allowing a new MAC address (in this case the MAC address of the PAP2
> instead of the computer ethernet card) to be recognized and a new IP
> address to be allocated via DHCP (the same mechanism that makes your
> eth0 card work).  The only other choice would be to power cycle the
> wireless internet connection, but I fear that you don't have access to
> that and all the other users of it may be annoyed if you do.

I unplugged the wl-330g, turning it off.  then I plugged its power
cable in and connected it to the PAP2 with a crossover cable. (it has
a power cord and ethernet jack, seperate.)  I played around with the
squence, trying the PAP2 with power first and so on, plugging in the
crossover cable before the wl-330g's power cable, etc.  the phone was
always plugged in.  I used the phone not long ago, so I "know" that
the phone works ;)

the best I could get were some pretty lights from the PAP2, then a
blinking, intermittent light.  no dial-tone from the phone.

this setup is premised on the wl-330g's ability to renegotiate the MAC
on the fly?  I don't think it's that smart.  I don't have the source,
but I looked into this previously.


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