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Re: Dual Boot Problem

Jessica L. Veltman wrote:

Try booting with a Windows XP CD and running 'fixmbr' in the recovery
console.  That removes any instances of GRUB from the MBR.  I had this
same problem, and after I did that and re-installed Fedora, GRUB
re-installed itself to the MBR, and it worked fine.

Let me know if you do that and it doesn't work, or if it does for that


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I tried doing all of that, but the results were the same. After the
installation restarted, my computer booted straight into Windows again.

Grub comes up using a hidden menu feature by default. The timing is set to 3 seconds or something low. When XP is set as the default boot loader and you have a quck booting computer with a CRT monitor, you do not see the grub screen at all. Try hitting a space bar during your computer booting. This should display the hidden menu.

It sounds like grub should have installed correctly. I do remember an instance during development where I could not get a bootloader to install or work. This was on a computer with Phoenix BIOS. I only tried the install once on this computer and set it aside. This might be some grub boot loader problem with the version of grub on FC4. I believe there are bug reports filed on this issue. I am not sure the bugs were worked out or are still open. Try searching Bugzilla for grub problems related to not installing as intended.


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