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Re: OT: GPL Question

This is a little off-topic, but I'll buy this:

I will firstly assume that when you said commercial you meant to say
proprietary, since the GPL is most definitely commercial (check RHEL,
lots of GPL'ed software used in a commercial form). So you mean non-Free
Software instead of Free Software, even if the later is paid for.

I'll also assume you're not under a contractual obligation where the
final copyrights are your buyer's instead of yours.

Why on earth would the buyer want to be in disadvatage over you? I
definitely don't get it.

If you make it wholly Free Software you'll be in a cooperating

As for the end doubt in your email... I'll assume you mean 'gratis' when
you spoke of 'not free', because otherwise (if you mean Free from GPL'ed
freedom) what you want is impossible.

> License for 'module X', and 'icons': GPL
> License for the total product: not free.

The whole set being GPL'ed doesn't mean you can't charge for creating it
or distributing it.

Cheers and hoping you can make it Free Software.


On Tue, 2005-06-14 at 23:10 +0200, Andy Pieters wrote:
> Hi all
> I am asking this list for advise since I don't know where to get help on this 
> issue.  I tried mailing the Free Software Foundation but they haven't 
> answered my mail.
> So I am making a product, that was originally meant to be distributed as GPL.  
> Now the buyer asks me to release it under a comercial license.
> Here's the catch: One module of the product uses LGPL'ed code, and the icons 
> used in the product are GPL as well.
> Would it be possible for me to make a comercial license that says:
> License for 'module X', and 'icons': GPL
> License for the total product: not free.
> Does anyone has experience with this or know where to turn to for these kind 
> of questions?
> With kind regards
> Andy
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