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Re: Security Info: Sun Java J2SE 5 and J2SE 1.4 vulnerable *update*

Am Di, den 14.06.2005 schrieb Kevin J. Cummings um 23:22:

> I just went to www.java.com and downloaded jre-1.5.0_02  its all they 
> were offering for Linux RPM....  Did I get the right one?
> OT:  I wish they would be consistent in their naming conventions, it 
> "upgraded" jsdk-1.4.6 and jdk-1.5.0_fcs, but I still have a j2sdk-1.4.2 
> installed on my system.   B^)
> Kevin J. Cummings

It would be better to use


as it much better matches the Fedora system.


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