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Re: OT: GPL Question

On Tue, 2005-06-14 at 18:29, Andy Pieters wrote:
> Hi all
> Thank you for your time and interest in my question.
> I would like to clarify some points.
> The client that requested the software to be built argues that he doesn't want 
> to redistribute the source code and does not want to give distribution rights 
> to the people he sells the product to.
> So technically, could I do this:
> 1. Release my product as propriety licensed software without the icons and the 
> LGPL'ed code  ->Yes
> 2. Either put in the same release a package 'module x', licensed GPL, package 
> 'icons', licensed GPL
> or
> Should I release them seperatly from the product and with a different license 
> (GPL this time)
> or
> Can I release the GPL'ed code as patch, with a GPL for that patch?
> The posibilities are legio but I want to be very carefull and fully respect 
> legislation.  I am afraid I'm not that good an artist to design the icons 
> myself...

First be cautious about taking legal advice from anyone that is not a
lawyer.  :)

IANAL, you should run all this by someone paid to give out such legal

If I was you I would create my own icons or pay someone to do that for
me so you had full rights to them.  And break out the other LGPL
package.  You need to read the licensing carefully, some of those
licenses restrict you from distributing packages that require the other
package to run.  

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

Nachman's Rule:
	When it comes to foreign food, the less authentic the better.
		-- Gerald Nachman 

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