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Re: Problems with printing

Hi Colin,

Colin Paul Adams wrote:
I noticed this problem last week, but I thought I'd wait until
upgrading to FC4 to look afresh at it.

Having upgraded, I renamed the two .rpmnew files in /etc/cupsd to
remove the .rpmnew (thus forcing reconfiguration of cups).

So when I went into the printer manager, it asked me if I wanted to
I configured the printer (a postscript printer), and was able to print
a couple of test pages OK.

But whn I try from firefox, or from the command line using lpr, the
form feed light on the printer flashes, indicating something is being
sent to the printer, but then stops, and no attempt is made to print
the page.

I tried editing the driver options on the printer (I ticked the Send
Form-Feed box), but this makes no difference.

just a wild guess, but is the paper format correct?? I've seen similar behaviour when printing letter size to a DinA4 printer and the other way around...


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