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Re: Problems with printing

>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Apprich <a apprich science-computing de> writes:

    Alexander> Hi Colin,
    Alexander> Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> I noticed this problem last week, but I thought I'd wait until
    >> upgrading to FC4 to look afresh at it.  Having upgraded, I
    >> renamed the two .rpmnew files in /etc/cupsd to remove the
    >> .rpmnew (thus forcing reconfiguration of cups).  So when I went
    >> into the printer manager, it asked me if I wanted to configure.
    >> I configured the printer (a postscript printer), and was able
    >> to print a couple of test pages OK.  But whn I try from
    >> firefox, or from the command line using lpr, the form feed
    >> light on the printer flashes, indicating something is being
    >> sent to the printer, but then stops, and no attempt is made to
    >> print the page.  I tried editing the driver options on the
    >> printer (I ticked the Send Form-Feed box), but this makes no
    >> difference.

    Alexander> just a wild guess, but is the paper format correct??
    Alexander> I've seen similar behaviour when printing letter size
    Alexander> to a DinA4 printer and the other way around...

Looks like it - it's set to A4, which is correct, and the test pages
come out looking fine.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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