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Re: OT: GPL Question

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:

|>  So including GPL'd code in your proprietary product is definitely not
|> allowed - future users have to have the same rights as you have.
| Correction: You cannot include GPL'ed code in your proprietary produce
| and *redistribute* it
| http://www.redhat.com/magazine/007may05/departments/tips_tricks/

You are misapplying the correct link information to the wrong question.

''...You can modify GPL'd software and include it within a proprietary
software program, you just can not distribute it. That is, a
non-distributing end-user can do whatever they want with GPL'd software.
The GPL does not require that all derivative works be under the GPL,
only derivative GPL works that are distributed to others.

You can make private modifications to software licensed under the GPL
and retain exclusively rights over your modifications as long as you do
not distribute the software in source or binary form to a third party. ...''

That's what the link says... it is saying that you can use GPL code in
your proprietary PROGRAM, ie, link to GPL code, but the resulting hybrid
is not distributable UNLESS you GPL your code too.  That sounds
completely correct to me.

HOWEVER the OP is asking about a "proprietary product", which includes

~ { - a proprietary app
~ { - an LGPL'd library  compiled together

~ - some GPL'd icons

Assuming he is not linking in the icons and reading them as files at
runtime, there is *NO* GPL problem with doing this and keeping his app
sources private, so long as he provides matching sources for the LGPL'd
library and the GPL'd icons themselves, AIUI.

- -Andy
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