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FC4 desktop sluggish on same hardware?

I installed FC4 yesterday, and I find the desktop behavior to be a little 
sluggish compared to FC3.

I did a clean install, formatting my previous (FC3) partitions and 
installing FC4.  After the installation completed successfully, I 
installed the current set of updates via YUM.  No problems seen.

This machine is a 1000MHz Pentium3, with 512MB of RAM, a 40GB ATA hard 
disk, and a GeForce2 Ultra video card.  Hardly state of the art, but I'm 
seeting generally sluggish behavior on my KDE desktop even doing trivial 
things like navigating menus and opening terminal windows.

On installation, the only difference in choices versus the prior FC3 
install was to opt for SELinux=warn, where I had it disabled altogether 
in FC3.  The KDE desktop and Xorg configurations were the same in FC3 as 
my current FC4.

Anyone else care to comment on the relative desktop performance on FC4?


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