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Re: fedora core 4: can't get kernel source (x86_64) with up2date

Jim Hayward wrote:
On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 04:35:39 -0400
Robert Kerr <rrkrr comcast net> wrote:

although this worked okay with fedora core 3, it fails with core 4:

   [root localhost ~]# up2date --get-source kernel


Anyone know what this means?

It means you should look at the release notes...

"Fedora Core 4 does not include the kernel-source package provided by
older versions. Instead, configured sources are available as described
in Section, ___Kernel Flavors___. Users that require access to
Fedora Core original kernel sources can find them in the
kernel .src.rpm package. To create an exploded source tree from this
file, perform the following steps:"


A few lines further down the release notes, it says that one of the ways of getting the .src.rpm is:

# up2date --get-source kernel


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