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Re: Security Info: Sun Java J2SE 5 and J2SE 1.4 vulnerable *update*

akonstam trinity edu wrote:
On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 11:31:53PM +0200, Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Di, den 14.06.2005 schrieb Kevin J. Cummings um 23:22:

I just went to www.java.com and downloaded jre-1.5.0_02 its all they were offering for Linux RPM.... Did I get the right one?

OT: I wish they would be consistent in their naming conventions, it "upgraded" jsdk-1.4.6 and jdk-1.5.0_fcs, but I still have a j2sdk-1.4.2 installed on my system. B^)

Kevin J. Cummings

It would be better to use


as it much better matches the Fedora system.


But notice in the FC4 release notes you can't install the java through a rpm. You must use the .bin form.

If you follow the instructions at jpackage.org to build the java RPMs, they're built from the .bin file downloaded from the Sun website. The jpackage java RPMs are designed to work properly with the java alternatives system used in Fedora.


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