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How to Install Xfce on FC4?

Before I go off on a rant about this...

Somebody please tell me that there is an "easy" way to do this, and I
just do not know it.  Because what I've tried so far isn't working.

I know it has been moved to extras.  But what "yum install ???" will
actually install it?  It is a complex set of numerous rpm's with
multiple interdependencies.  I thought maybe I could get going with
"yum install xfce*" and then figure out the rest, but after processing
numerous dependencies, it fails on a missing dependency:
"xfce-mcs-manager = 4.2.1-3.fc4 is needed by package
xfce-mcs-manager-devel".  So I "yum install xfce-mcs-manager" by
itself.  The "yum install xfce*" still fails on the same missing

But, am I reading the error message incorrectly?  So I try "yum
install sfce-mcs-manager-devel" and this successfully installs 14
packages.  Then I go back to "yum install xfce*" and it finds 17
packages to download and install, but it dies on the second one
because it is unsigned.  So I change "gpgcheck=" to "0" in the extras
repo.  Same result.

After all this, I still don't have xfce.

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