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Re: Í-rom not found !!

Am Mi, den 15.06.2005 schrieb Kaushik Chauhan um 12:32:

> I am on Fedora 2.10 ( yes  i know thats very old !!! )

I never head of "Fedora 2.10" - what shall it be?

> I copied the F4 4 discs on my windows XP machine and tried re-booting on
> the linux box. But the CD not recognised !!!!
> I do not know how that has happened. I re-booted F2.10 just over 2
> months ago and it was fine !!
> I can see the cd-rom in the hardware browser in /dev/hda
> Can anyone help me locate my cd-rom please ?
> Kash

Did you do as advised from the release notes to compare the sha1sums of
your ISO downloads with the reference file? Did you get the right image
files (not the SRPMS)? Did you burn the images as images and not as
files (if you put the FC4 CDs into your CD-ROM on FC2 or XP you have to
see single files and not one large ISO file)?


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