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Re: FC4 and NVidia Drivers: Solution

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 21:25:37 -0400
Mark Bidewell <mark bidewell alumni clemson edu> wrote:

> In case anyone else runs into this.  The problem appears to be a 
> conflict with selinux.  If you install the drivers with selinux disabled 
> (I used selinux=0 at boot time), everything will work fine even when 
> selinux is reenabled.
> Mark Bidewell
> Mark Bidewell wrote:
> > Ben Steeves wrote:
> >
> >> On 6/13/05, Mark Bidewell <mark bidewell alumni clemson edu> wrote:
> >>  
> >>
> >>> I have downloaded and installed FC4.  However the latest NVidia 
> >>> graphics
> >>> drivers cause X segmentation faults.  I'm guessing the problem might be
> >>> gcc4.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?
> >>>   
> >>
> >>
> >> Just to add a datapoint -- I just finished a fresh install of FC4
> >> (typing this message on it, actually) and installed the NVidia drivers
> >> (7664), and they work fine (so far).  When are you getting these
> >> segfaults?
> >>
> >>  
> >>
> > I got them when running glxgears (but this was when I switched back to 
> > the nv driver).  XWindows would normally come up as a blank screen 
> > (although rhgb would work normally).  I tried changing to a low 
> > resolution (800x600 instead of 1280x1024) in case that was the 
> > problem, but nothing changed.  The other segfault was when I toook the 
> > XServer down (ctrl+alt+bksp) due to the blank screen.
> >
> > Mark Bidewell
> >

Thanks Mark for this tip. This was driving me batty. Funny thing is there
was no avc denial records in /var/messages so I had no idea that selinux was
the cause. When I started up today. The boot up messages said it would have
to relable my system. This seem strange.

I have noticed the following problem with X windows. I set a
Virtual 1600 1280 in my xorg.conf file but when I started X the Gnome panels
were blank and did not fit the screen size. I had to remove the Virtual
statement to get the default screen size of 1280 by 1028 then the
gnome panels showed up with icons. Not having virtual larger screen sucks. I
like to have two gnome terminals open which the virtual size allowed me. This
is definitely a change from FC3.

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