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Problem with apache, php and mysql after FC4 upgrade: Segmentation Fault ...

Hi, everyone:

I just finished my upgrade to FC4 last night, and so far, everything's
running smoothly, except for an issue with mysql and php ...

I'm having problems with certain php scripts causing apache to
seg-fault. After a little debugging, I narrowed it down to the php
function mysql_connect. Whenever the script hits that line, the
web-server child dies. However, there's no php error, either on screen
or in my php.log file. Only this error shows up in error_log:

[Wed Jun 15 11:40:41 2005] [notice] child pid 1877 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)

What's odd is that mysqld seems to be working fine since the upgrade. I
can connect from the command line using the same username, password and
queries I use in my php script with no problems.

Any Ideas? Anyone else having this problem?


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