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Re: FC4 on a harddisk --> installation ??

Bill Case wrote:

Hi all;

I want to download the 4 cd FC4 iso files to a harddisk (so that they
can burned (burnt) later) but meanwhile install from that one harddisk
as isos to another harddisk.  Can this be done?  Will iso image-1 be
able to find image-2 etc. or do I have to do something special or do I
have to actually burn them first and install from the cd's?

Regards Bill

Basically, put the iso images in one directory off of the drive you want to use to store the images. (example: /fc4-isos). You of course cannot format this partition while installing. You need to download the boot.iso (around 4meg, located in images directory of OS on mirror) or start from disc1 of FC4 and type 'linux askmethod' at the boot prompt. Choose install from disk, then choose disk partition where the images are located. Next enter the directory where the iso images are stored.
The installation should start as if you were running from CDROMs that you burned to disk. I think this method works faster than from burned CD's. I tried this method once before in recent days. I did not have to mount the images in loop or anything out of the ordinary.

The images were all found automagically when I tried it before.


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