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FC4 screen savers are missing, and Evolution's slow down...

After updating over the years from RH8 to RH9 and finally to FC2, I
decided to give FC4 a shot on my home machine, formatted my partitions
and installed FC4 test 3 last week. Everything seemed great except that
the screen savers seemed to be missing. I did a bit of searching, but
couldn't locate them on my machine. I dismissed it as a side effect of
test 3 being a pre-release version.

I just did another fresh install on this same computer of the release
version of FC4 and the screen savers are still missing. The screen
blanking feature of locking the screen works fine, it's just that there
isn't a single screen saver listed in the preference panel... What the
heck is going on? I did a customized workstation install, adding
packages, not removing any, so where are the damned things? Not that
this will stop me from using Linux but it sure is [minorly] annoying...

Second, Evolution 2.2.x seems to be extremely slow compared to version
1.4 that shipped in FC2. I use FC3 at work (admittedly on a faster
machine) and so I'm aware of a few of the improvements' slowness but it
just took 15 minutes or so to download 800 messages from my personal
mail server (in the very same room on a 100 base-T network)... 1.4 would
have had those downloaded in under 5 minutes... Is this slow down a
common factor for everyone? Is there anything in particular that I can
do to speed Evolution up?


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