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Re: FC4 -- wither nedit?

Ian Pilcher wrote:
Michael A. Peters wrote:

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 10:43 -0500, Basil Copeland wrote:

What happened to nedit?  I wasn't too concerned when I didn't see it
in the installable packages, because I assumed it had just been moved
to extras.  But "yum install nedit" doesn't find it.  Do I have to
look elsewhere?

I *think* it will be in extras soon - there is a packager who was
working on it.

Not gonna happen (at least not by me) until the Extras people can figure out what their rules for package names are.

I was under the impression that the consensus was to stick with "nedit" rather than change to "NEdit". The OP was looking for a (familiar) package called "nedit", which is another good reason for sticking with that name.

Basil: if you want nedit quickly for FC4, I'd suggest downloading the FC3 package and then using "yum localinstall nedit-whatever.rpm" to install it. That should pull in any compatibility libraries that may be needed.


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