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Re: Fedora in Amsterdam

Mark Sargent wrote:
pascal rednose nl wrote:

Hello everybody,

my company is starting up a project in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), where people
without any experience with computers receive training. They can also buy
second-hand computers, and we want to offer the choice between Windows and
Linux. Because most of our clients are very new to computers, we have chosen
two distros that, in our view, take the end-user very seriously: Fedora and
Ubuntu. We are having a bit of a hard time deciding which one we will choose,
and therefore I am looking for a Fedora-enthousiast who lives in the vicinity
of Amsterdam. Is anybody willing to give us some advice?



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Hi All,

Pascal, whilst not in Amsterdam, I was rather a newb to PCs when I switched to Linux. I would recommend Fedora, as I think it is quite good for learning. Also, you could consider CentOS, the unofficial, legal, clone of RHEL4. I've just started using it, and I find it very straight forward, and I would believe, more stable than Fedora. Perhaps the more experienced Linux guys here may say otherwise, though. Good luck, anyhow. Cheers.

Mark Sargent.

What the use for thouse linuxs? servers/workstations?
for workstations you probably should check ubntu or gentoo
for servers, fedora, centos or debian are very good.


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