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Re: partition labels

Duncan Lithgow wrote:
I've messed up by not giving things
different labels. Does that sound right?

It's conceivable. Another possibility is that the disk or filesystem has serious errors and the kernel is quickly marking it read-only so as avoid further corruption.

If that's the case how would I know? Remember it was running perfectly
until i installed ubuntu - which still runs fine.

Do you share partitions between Ubuntu and Fedora at all, e.g. mount a Fedora partition in Ubuntu?

If the kernel is remounting a partition read-only, you should see a kernel error message to that effect, either on the console and/or in /var/log/messages

> but on to FC4...

When I install FC4 shall I make sure each partition has a unique
label? Like / could be Label=fc4-base or something?

If you're doing an upgrade, anaconda will probably leave the filesystem labels as they are. If you delete the existing partitions and create new ones, anaconda will not (I believe) create partition labels that are duplicates of existing partition labels. I don't think you get to specify what the partition labels are.

Well I can in qtparted - so shall I? Then I could make label=/fc and
/home-fc etc. I would make it easier for me, but does it effect
anything else?

You'd need to make the same changes in /etc/fstab if it references partition by names (LABEL= syntax). Other than that you should be OK to change things.


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