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Re: FC4 Not installing (DVD)

Thomas Taylor wrote:

On Thursday 16 June 2005 15:10, Austin Isler wrote:

Michael A. Peters wrote:

On Thu, 2005-06-16 at 14:48 -0700, Austin Isler wrote:

Hello guys and gals.
I was also one of the people who were experiencing slow downloads on BT,
but I stuck with it anyways. 3 days later and I have it. Now here is the
problem. Right away I noticed that the md5sum did not match the one in
the text file that came with the iso. I said "what the hell" and burned
it to DVD anyways. Now when I restarted my computer to allow it to boot

from the DVD, it acted like nothing was on the DVD and just when

straight to booting my HD. Also when the DVD is in the drive it gives me
error messages when its searching for volumes, and then when KDE boots,
the PC freezes. It all seems quite strange, after all I downloaded the
same iso as everyone else.


the file has an sha1sum, not an md5sum.
use sha1sum to verify the file.

How did you burn it? A common mistake is to not burn the iso, but
instead burn a CD/DVD that has the iso file on it.

In k3b I used the option to burn DVD image (Tools -> DVD -> Burn DVD ISO


Instead of using k3b try this command line: growisofs --dvd-compat -Z /dev/cdwriter=filename.iso


I did it your way. Guess what? It worked. Thank you.


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