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Re: Portuguese Mirror with DVD ISO for FC4

Pedro Lobo wrote:
Hi all,

I hope that you can help me out. I am rather new to linux and from what I've already read, FC seems to be the way to go and it sure is the way I want to go.

What I would like, if anyone can help me out here is to get the DVD iso for FC4 from a Portuguese mirror. Unfortunately for me we have traffic limitations in Portugal and downloading from an international server will exceed these limitations.

If anybody knows of a portuguese mirror that has the DVD iso I would apreciate the info. Oh and by the way, none of the portuguese mirrors on Fedora's site are working at the time and when they were they didn't have the DVD.

Thanks for all and any help.

Not at an easy task. I found ftp://ftp.nux.ipb.pt/pub/fedora-core/4/i386/iso/FC4-i386-DVD.iso

Boa Sorte

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