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RE: how can you verify that the site you get is not a fake?

Having gotten several "spoofed" emails from "paypal,
ebay, credit card companies, etc", I never just click
on links in emails.

Firefox has some extensions that could be helpful:

1-SpoofStick - Firefox Extension "A simple way to
detect spoofed websites. It's not a comprehensive
solution, but it's a good start."

2-ShowIP - Firefox Extension "Show the IP address of
the current page in the status bar."

3-TrustBar - Firefox Extension "TrustBar is a tiny
extension that protects users against spoofing sites,
 `phishing`," etc. "It adds a small bar to browsers,
displaying the name/logo of the site and of the entity
(CA) that identified the site, for protected sites;
and a clear warning for unprotected pages."

4-whois - Firefox Extension "Whois info in context and
tool menus."

5-Mentioned in this thread was 'netcraft toolbar'
which, after reading their website
(http://toolbar.netcraft.com/ and
http://news.netcraft.com/) sounds interesting.

I usually right click on the links and copy/paste them
into a text editor so I can see the whole address
(since many seem to consist of dozens and dozens of
Then I can also paste it into "whois.net" type search
sites (like: www.samspade.org, ripe.net, arin.net,
apnic.org, geoup.com/IpLocator, many more).

If search results say it is a suspicious address, I
report it to the "Real Website". Most sites that have
been spoofed have "report spoofed emails" or "report
fraud" email links.

Of course, these tips are not a substitute for having
a working knowledge of SSL, browser certificates, etc.

As the spoofstick description says "It's not a
comprehensive solution, but" (maybe) "it's a good

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