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acpi resume = gnome hangs

I recently installed Fedora Core 4 (2.6.11-1.1369_FC4) on my thinkpad T43 laptop, I'm having a problem trying to get suspend to RAM feature of ACPI working properly on my system.

My system configuration is:

I have added the relevant scripts to /etc/acpi/events and /etc/acpi/actions. My system goes into the suspend mode without any problem, but upon resumption gnome hangs. The harddisk seems to be constantly accessed and I get repeated traces (on console) like:

"ata1: command 0xca timeout, sat 0xd0 host_stat 0x1
ata1: status=0xd0 {busy}
end request: I/O erro, dev sda,..."

My only option is to (hardware) reboot the system.

I do remove the usb and wireless drivers in my suspension script:

/sbin/modprobe -r -s uhci_hcd
/sbin/modprobe -r -s ehci_hcd

echo -n mem >/sys/power/state

/sbin/modprobe -s ehci_hcd
/sbin/modprobe -s uhci_hcd

and have also made the change for passing acpi=s3_bios to kernel in grub/menu.lst that is suggested at various places. I could post the dmesg and lspci outputs if requrired. Any ideas what could be going wrong?

Thanks for any help in advance

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