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Re: missing koffice in fc4

Jon Shorie wrote:
I have been trying to install some of the missing packages in fc4.

I have not successfully installed koffice as yet. It really irks me that they took this out. It has been in there since Redhat 7.2 or 7.3.

When I try to install it I get a host of missing dependencies.

I do not understand why they did not at least move it to extras.

Packages will get into extras if someone is willing to maintain them there. That's likely to be the only thing holding it back from being in Extras.

the closest that I have gotton is to manually download the version from kde-redhat.org.

rpm -ivh koffice-1.4.0-1.0.fc4.kde.i386.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        kdelibs >= 6:3.4.1 is needed by koffice-1.4.0-1.0.fc4.kde.i386
        mathml-fonts is needed by koffice-1.4.0-1.0.fc4.kde.i386

These dependencies would probably be resolved if you used kde-redhat's yum repo and pulled in all of the KDE dependencies from there.


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