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NetworkManager, Wireless and Fedora FC4

One of the biggest pains with the Redhat line is the weak support for
wireless (even a very old version of Knoppix automatically detects and
sets up cards).  It appears that there is a new app to fix it:


I also see it referenced in Clemson's HOWTO:


I was excited.  I installed FC4 from scratch.  I noticed that
NetworkManager was installed but NetworkManager and NetworkManager
Dispatcher were not running.  Also noticed that FC4 seems to detect my
Aironet PCI in my Thinkpad T42P.  Iwconfig shows it.  It even detected
the SSID of my Linksys which temporarily had broadcast set to on.  The
problem is that it does not have an address and there is no cool icon
on the task bar in GNOME.  I did notice in KDE that there is a applet
for Wireless network monitor.

**** I WANT TO DO THIS OUT OF BOX and not with hacks as this new tool
is supposed to just "work".

So I started the two services (NetworkManager and NetworkManager
Dispatcher).  I still see no applet on the task bar nor is it listed
in the possible applets.  NetworkManager-Gnome as well as
NetworkManager appears to already be installed.  I even did a YUM
update (yum install...) just to make sure I had the latest and
rebooted.  Still no taskbar icon.  The Clemson help page mentions
nm-applet, but I can't seem to find the file, nor am I able to find
"Startup Programs tab in the gnome-session-properties application" in
the FC4 GNOME menus.

Any help would be appreciated.  Again I want to make so that I use as
much built in as possible and avoid other packages and hacks unless
needed to support a particular card (e.g, Cisco or Intel Wireless such
as IPW2200).. I did look and see that the Cisco ACU appears to be old
and may not apply to this particular PCI card.  I am not sure the
model as even WindowsXP does not indicate anything more than Aironet


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