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Re: Stuck on run-level 3 :-(

Andoni wrote:
> Thanks for that dude, I have already downloaded and run
> system-config-display. Unfortunately it did not solve my problem.
> I have rebooted and gone into it again and set my monitor to Gateway
> Vivitron 15 (which it is) and rebooted. Next I will have to power down and
> open up the machine to see what the video card is. I thought that with
> 800x600x256 it could work with Intel Generic Video card. Maybe not though!
> I'll keep you informed!

You may be able to find out what video card you have using:

$ /sbin/lspci

Also, after booting into runlevel 3, log in as a regular user and try this:

$ startx &> x.output

This will provide diagnostic output in file x.output. Look in the file
for lines starting "(EE)" for error messages.



I have found that the card is a JetWay 94V but when I set the value to
JetWay I still have no luck!
I am still getting the respawning error:
INIT: Id "x" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
when I do an init 5.
When I run your /sbin/lspci it tells me the graphics card is:
VGA compatible controller: Intel Corp. 82740 (i740) AGP Graphics Accelerator
(rev 21).
even with the controller in system-config-display set to JetWay.

The error I am getting seems to relate to a line at the end of my inittab
file which reads:

# Run xdm in runlevel 5
x:5:respawn:/etc/X11/prefdm -nodaemon

could this be causing a problem?

Thanks in advance,

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