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Re: make dvd install iso from fc4 cds...

Oliver Leitner wrote:
I have a question regarding the 4 cds of fc4.

i just downloaded the 4 isos, which took me 4 days at my line, and now i
just saw that theres a dvd image, off course i dont wanna download the
dvd iso, but instead use the cd images ive got.

now my question:
since i got no cdrs currently laying around, but some dvdr's, im
thinking about making a dvd iso from the 4 cdrs.

has anyone yet tried that? or is there a tutorial or readme on how to do it?

id be thankful for any tip into the right direction.

ps: if i copy all files from the isos into one root dir and make an iso
image out of it (mkisofs...) does that work?, what did i need to look
for for the boot record? etc...

Try this script:


Haven't tried it myself; I just downloaded the DVD ISO in the first place ;-)


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