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Re: Stuck on run-level 3 :-(

Andoni wrote:
I got the diagnostic information you spoke of and it was in two parts:
> $ /sbin/lspci revealed that my card is an
> VGA compatible controller: Intel Corp. 82740 (i740) AGP Graphics Accelerator (rev 21).

and the startx command does not work.

In what way does it "not work"? I would expect:

$ startx &> x.output

to wait a while, write some output to the file x.output and then return to the shell prompt on your system (because X is broken). The information written to the x.output file is what we're after here.

Another point: When I do the: init 5 command

Don't do this. It won't work until you've fixed your X configuration.

Also, In my grub.conf on the kernel line I was advised to put a "nofb"
parameter to solve an earlier problem. Could this be getting in the way now?
It was a display problem that time also but the screen was black then.

Possibly, I don't know.


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