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Re: FC-4 -- unhappy experiences

Basil Copeland wrote:
On 6/17/05, Timothy Murphy <tim birdsnest maths tcd ie> wrote:

I've had rather unhappy experiences on all 3 computers
I've tried to upgrade from FC-3 to FC-4.
Sadly, my experience is that the Fedora installation
has been getting steadily worse, from FC-1 (fine) to FC-2 to FC-3 to FC-4.

I haven't tried to upgrade yet; my first two installations have been
fresh installs.

Despite what I'm sure is extensive testing, any new final release is a
bit bumpy at first.  I've hit some rough spots with my first two
installs, but nothing terribly out of the ordinary for a fresh
release.  If I want a really smooth transition to a new release, I
wait a couple of months, I don't try to do it the day after it is
released (which is what I did this time, but only on machines I'm
willing to sacrifice to the effort).  On stable FC3 machines that are
important to me, I'm following the "if it isn't broken, don't fix it"
philosophy for now.  I'll consider upgrading them in a few months.


That is a very wise decision. I really like Fedora and I have a stable FC3 install. I tried to upgrade to FC4 and the new installation would not boot. In fact the install image would not boot. There is a work around for that, but after i completed the install I had a dead machine and no older kernels to boot. The FC4 rescue image would also not boot.

I am not being negative though. Its a bug and its being worked on. I went in with my FC3 rescue disk made some backups of all my home directories (just in case) and then resinstalled FC3. I had all the updates on another partition so I could point yum to that and I am happily back on FC3 (did not have to use my backups) with no losses. A few bugs are to be expected on an early release.

So I will be patient and if the devlopers need test info from me i am ready to give.


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