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Re: FC4 and NetworkManager?

Aaron Gaudio wrote:

> 1. No menu item... I wasn't able to locate a GNOME menu item to launch
> the NetworkManagerNotification tasklet. Did I overlook it or is it not
> present? I had to run /usr/libexec/NetworkManagerNotification manually
> from a terminal.

Try running NetworkManagerInfo.  It'll give you an icon in the
notification area.

> 2. Once scanning, NetworkManager does not detect my network, which makes
> sense since my network does not broadcast ESSID. So, I click on the task
> icon and select "Create New Wireless Network...". I get a dialog asking
> for the ESSID and WEP key. These I enter in and save them. After a few
> seconds, NetworkManager starts trying to connect to the network
> ("tarnation"). However it never gets further than trying. Running
> iwconfig at this time doesn't show the ESSID being set. 

I think the "Create New Wireless Network..." dialog actually sets up an
adhoc network.  What you probably want is "Other Wireless Networks..."
That's where I configure my non-beaconing/WEP network.

My biggest complaints about NM are:

1.  Every-so-often, the wireless card's power management is turned off.

2.  I can't figure out how to have anything but WEP or no WEP.  I'd like
to do WPA-PSK, but I think I'll need to do that by hand.


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