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Re: FC4 bluetooth pairing problems, phone <-> laptop? (OK in FC3)

As a postscript, a DBT120 bluetooth USB dongle _will_ initialize if the firmware is installed seperately using bluez-firmware tarball.

However, the failure to pair with a Nokia 6630 phone persists if the USB dongle is used instead of an Armadillo CF BT adapter on the x21 laptop or even on a desktop machine. Is there a generic problem with the bluez stack in FC4 and this phone (or others)? It was happy enough to pair up in FC3 with either CF or USB adapters on the same machines.

On Fri, 17 Jun 2005, Des Johnston wrote:

I am unable to persuade a Nokia 6630 phone to pair with an Armadillo Bluetooth CF card (LSE039) in an IBM x21 laptop (FC4 clean install). The laptop and phone can see each other but refuse to pair. When initiating a
pairing it doesn't get as far as requesting the pin on the laptop.
Changing /usr/bin/bluepin to echo a particular pin has no effect.

The same setup (with identical bluetooth conf files) works fine in FC3,
requesting a PIN when pairing and hooking up thereafter to give gprs
over /dev/rfcomm*

Another minor hassle is that a DBT120 bluetooth USB dongle won't initialize on a desktop machine, which again works fine in FC3.

Has anyone run across similar difficulties (and solved them .. :) ?

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