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Re: FC4 and jre-1_5_0_03-linux-amd64.rpm

Am Sa, den 18.06.2005 schrieb Jack Howarth um 2:28:

>     What exactly is the issue with installing the official
> Linux AMD64 Platform rpms for J2SE 5.0 Update 3 on x86_64
> FC4? I find that when I execute...
> rpm -Uvh jre-1_5_0_03-linux-amd64.rpm
> ...I get an error of...
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         java >= 0:1.4 is needed by (installed) jessie-1.0.0-8.noarch
>         java-1.4.2-gcj-compat is needed by (installed) openoffice.org-core-1.9.104-2.i386
> One issue I see that worries me is that openoffice (a i386 build on the
> x86-64 distribution) is requiring java suggesting that it can't use
> a x86-64 version for that purpose, no? Thanks in advance for any 
> clarifications on this issue.
>              Jack

Did you read the release notes? I doubt, sorry. Else you would know that
the use of www.jpackage.org is recommended. Please too search the list
archive for recent discussions about this topic.


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