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Re: Step by step instruction for upgrading fedora Core 3 to 4 using yum

David Cary Hart wrote:

On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 10:46 -0700, Charles Allen wrote:

Is there a web site with this information on it. Thanks Charlie

Several but you are over-complicating. Just install fedora-release-4-2.noarch.rpm and run yum. DISABLE supplementary repos first (dag, etc.).

BTW, you might want to create your own repo from the DVD. If you
download once, no need to do it again.

PLEASE do not top post and over-quote!

As a note, I upgraded in the above mentioned method.
Some (very few) were upgraded when I got the discs downloaded. burned and tried an upgraded from CD. The packages are listed below.

Upgrading firefox-1.0.4-4.i386.
Upgrading cman-kernel-
Upgrading dlm-kernel-
Upgrading comps-4-0.20050606.i386.

Installing the fedora-release rpm changes your $releasever to reflect FC4 and also adds the repos to /etc/repos.d directory. The files might have rpmnew tagged to the end and have to be renamed to not include the rpmnew suffix. After the fedora release package is added and the repo files renamed, upgrade seems to work pretty smoothly. (In my case anyway)

Why firefox was upgraded, I do not know. The standalone kernel modules were added because I was running a later kernel version w/ those modules installed. The kernel must be taken for granted that it will be installed.
comps.rpm never gets installed, it is not in the repositories RPMS directory. It is located in another directory, yum never sees comps.rpm.


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