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Re: Out of office/vacation tools?

Am Sa, den 18.06.2005 schrieb Thomas Cameron um 16:31:

> What are you using for "Out of Office" e-mail tools?  I am using
> Sendmail, Dovecot and procmail.  I have used vacation in the past and
> liked it just fine.  Any reason not to install it on my FC installation?
> I know to make sure to add it *after* my procmail rules for lists and
> the like so only people who are e-mailing me specifically get the OOO
> reply.
> Thomas

Hi Thomas :)

The vacation tool just works, yes. If you would run Cyrus-IMAPd instead
of dovecot (I do not urge you :) - just inform you) Sieve could do the
out-of-office job.


Contains some examples and you see how to combine it with other header


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