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Re: Problem with samba shares from FC4

I've encountered the same problem moving from FC3 to FC4.  SELinux is the
source of the problem and may be due to a more restrictive security policy.
 As a quick workaround, someone on the Samba mailing list suggested that I
enter the following command to disable the enhanced security:


This works, but I don't know how to make the change more permanent
or to disable to policy for Samba only.

Any insights?


--- For
users of Fedora Core releases <fedora-list redhat com wrote:
I am trying
to share a directory using samba under FC4. This used to
> work with FC3
but with FC4 I keep getting messages in the samba logfile
> saying that the
directory does not exist, but of course it really does.
> This is probably
because of the tighter security from SELinux. How can
> this be fixed?

> from my smb.conf:
> [tv]
>         comment = tv series depo
   path = /mnt/bigdisk/exthdd/tv
> ;       writeable = no
>         browseable
= yes
>         valid users = kramer, xbox
> ;       writeable = no

> Jurgen
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