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FC4 monitor compatible?

When I first got my present 17" flat panel monitor, back when Fedora Core
1 was new, configuring it turned out to be such a royal pain that I went
back to RH9 instead. A few months later, I tried FC1 again, and now that
monitor was listed among the choices. 

Now I'm about to upgrade to FC4, and I'd also like to upgrade the monitor
to a larger one. Can someone here tell me if the following is on the
display list for FC4?

> Brand new KDS XF-9S Xtreme Flat 19" CRT Monitor. Ask for $110.
>      maximum resolution 1600 x 1200
>      dot pitch .20mm horizontal; .25mm vertical
>      maximum horizontal frequency 98 kHz
>      maximum vertical frequency 160 Hz
>      integrated speaker no
>      signal input type VGA 15-pin D-sub
>      nonglare yes
>      height 18 1/10 inches
>      width 17 3/5 inches
>      depth 18 4/5 inches
>      landscape/portrait pivoting n/a
>      mountable n/a
>      plug and play yes
>      monitor use general business; games or video
>      warranty 3-year limited parts & labor + KARES advance replacement
> http://www.officedepot.com/textSearch.do?uniqueSearchFlag=true&Ntt=558866

Beartooth Neo-Redneck, Linux Evangelist
FC 1-3, YDL 4; Pine 4.63, Pan 0.14.2; Privoxy 3.0.3; 
Dillo 0.8.4, Opera 8.0, Firefox 1.0.3, Epiphany 1.0.4
Remember that I have little idea what I am talking about.

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